Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Fish is not a Lap Pet

Alyssa lost her chance to go to the Science and History Museum yesterday. Her crime? Failure to keep her hands out of the fishbowl. After two warnings, I closed the bedroom door and told her she needed to stay out. But in the middle of a conference call, I heard a noise and felt impressed to investigate.

It was then that I found the fish on the floor. It looks like I got there in time, though. Marigold is expected to make a full recovery and live to a ripe old age of at least another week or two.

Alyssa got a good swat and spent a very boring 90 minutes waiting for Anna's acting class to finish. Hopefully she has learned something about obedience and the nature of fish. I'm sure she was just bored, being home sick. Fortunately, I think she's well enough to go back to school today.

Monday's kitchen cabinet removal project was a success, in that the cabinets are in the garage and the countertops are sitting on the wire racks and nothing got broken. I even got the plumbing hooked back up without any major leaks, and rewired the switches and outlets without any shock therapy.

There is one small triangular corner section that wouldn't accommodate a rectangular shelving unit, so I have some steel pipe threaded into floor collets. These are about 1/4 inch too tall still, but I should be able to fix that by tightening the collets down a little more. Once that's done, I can put the backsplashes on and put the bar in place. Then it's tile behind, touch up paint,
bring in a fridge, and install the microwave, and we will finally have a fully operational kitchen.

And with springtime in Texas upon us, it will be just in time to begin moving the projects outside.

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