Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Heavenly Heat - the Sauna Story

The beautiful weather continues here in Willow Park, Texas. Yesterday was in the mid-60s, and today we hit 70. I had to fix a flat on Anna's bike yesterday, and after I broke a sweat I decided that jeans would be inappropriate for a ride to the park. Fortunately, my shorts were easily accessible.

Alyssa got to go to Casa Manana twice today - once for Anna's class, and once to see Jack and the Beanstalk. Alyssa and I walked through the Will Rogers Center complex on our way to the museum this afternoon because she wanted to see the cows again. I agreed, although I explained that we probably wouldn't see any because the Fort Worth Stock Show is over now. All that was left were big tractors mucking the many, many stalls. I wish I could have directed one of those trucks full of prime fertilizer over to our house!

I got two of the kitchen cabinets replaced today, and it looks like I'll have a little extra time to prepare for replacing the big cabinet. My help for tomorrow evening has had to cancel, so my schedule won't be quite as tight as originally reported. This will give me more time to focus on the sauna.

Kara has been doing daily saunas as part of her treatment, and they make a big difference. Our sauna was made by Heavenly Heat, which only uses untreated poplar and glass. Unfortunately the poplar, like all wood, has a strong smell that she reacts to.

We bought our sauna over eBay a year ago, before I fully understood just how badly she could react to something as seemingly innocuous as untreated poplar. The one we bought was still in the crate, so that's the only picture displayed in the auction. We looked up the model online, and the only picture of it showed a sauna with all glass walls in a wood frame, so that's what I thought we were getting.

I should have asked.

Our sauna has three wood walls, and only one wall of glass. She's only used it a dozen times or so, and each time it has made her sick. She is using a glass sauna either in Dallas or at the home of a friend who lives a few miles from us. However, this friend goes out of town on Thursday, so Kara will need to use our sauna starting Friday.

My plan is to line the walls with glass in the hopes that it will block enough of the wood smell from coming in. We've repeatedly run it and let it air out, and the smell is much less than it was even a month ago, so hopefully the glass will further reduce the smell so that it will work. Adding the glass is much cheaper than buying new walls. And since I've ordered tempered glass, if this doesn't work I can always make a bunch of coffee tables or something.

Coffee tables with fossil-filled cut limestone legs.

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