Friday, February 2, 2007

A night in Neverland

Last night I took the girls to see Peter Pan at Aledo High School. I was quite impressed by the timing and precision and dead-on execution. And then when we got to the school, the play was really good, too.

It was one of those evenings where the plan, though workable, had nearly a dozen potential points of failure. But, almost miraculously, everything came together. (Cue the A-Team theme...)

The first thing that needed to happen was for Alyssa to have a nap, or she'd be sleeping on me through the whole play. It was a cold, snowy afternoon, and I knew that would help. Anna commented that she could probably use a rest, too, although she didn't want to take one. Big mistake on her part.

Alyssa will sometimes just climb in bed on her own, but most afternoons she's too worried that she'll miss out on the fun, so she gets back up again. I gave her a little while to wind down before I tucked her in, and she requested that Anna come in the room with her. That usually helps her stay put, if I can convince Anna to get in bed, too. I asked her nicely, and she refused. I then threatened to take away all computer privileges unless she laid down 10 minutes so her sister would go to sleep. She reluctantly agreed, and was out before Alyssa.

I got dinner made and loaded in portable containers so they could eat on the way, and gave myself 20 minutes to get them from their beds to the car. I actually managed it in 21.

The school auditorium was quite large and very nice. It's good to see our property taxes put to a good use. The costumes, sets, and acting were impressive for a high school musical, and the pit orchestra was better than what I usually heard in college. There was no mistaking this for a professional production, but it was quite entertaining.

The girls were both fantastic. At first it looked like Alyssa was going to try and sit on my lap during the whole performance, but after some firm insistence (and a bribe promising contraband from the concession stand at intermission) she sat in her own chair and was thoroughly engrossed in the whole play.

Anna was just beaming the entire time.

After the play, the cast came out in front of the stage to meet the audience. Anna convinced me to stay so she could go and get some autographs. Alyssa wanted to meet Nana, the dog, but she never came out. So we settled for meeting the crocodile.

This morning, Anna noted that she should probably learn to dance, as she loves singing and acting, but musicals also require dancing, which she doesn't know how to do. I think she would benefit from a dance class, although I'm sure she'll never be a Ginger Rogers or Martha Graham. While quite talented, she is not terribly well coordinated. Which is exactly why, if she could keep from getting too frustrated, a dance class would probably do a lot of good.

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Nicole said...

School plays are fun. I'm glad everything came together for you.