Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Very Bloggable Valentines Day

Yesterday was quite the Valentines day around here. Kara had a good day, the girl's had three Valentine's parties between them, we got yet another fish, and our church burned down.

I was on my way to one of Alyssa's Valentine's parties when I heard on the radio that a church in Weatherford had burned to the ground. I had a strange feeling that it was ours, and the full report a few minutes later confirmed this. No news yet on a cause, or where we'll be meeting this Sunday.

Alyssa had two parties yesterday, one in her Special Education class, and one in her regular 2nd grade class. I worked extra on Monday so I could go to both of them. I felt this was important so I could see her in her classroom environment and meet some of her friends. This is a picture of Alyssa and her best friend, Andrew. (For the longest time, Kara thought someone in Alyssa's class had a cold, because she says his name "A-choo.")

Alyssa and Andrew also meet with a regular 2nd grade class for part of the day. Alyssa goes to this class for reading time, PE, art, music, recess and science. The school just increased the amount of time she spends in the regular class, because she is doing so well. This is a picture of her with some of her friends from that class. Whenever Alyssa is there, these girls all compete for her attention.

When I was in elementary school, the "retarded" kids met in a little wood building on the corner of the school grounds, and ate lunch in the far back corner of the cafetorium. We knew they were there, and some of the kids made fun of them when the teacher's weren't watching, but that was about the extent of our interaction.

At Alyssa's school, these kids are brought into the classroom when it's appropriate, and they are treated like mini celebrities. They each have a teacher who helps them the whole time they are in the class, but Alyssa's friends all help her, too. There have even been reports of Alyssa wearing them out on the playground.

The vodka in the sauna seems to be doing the trick. I put some in a spray bottle and sprayed a bunch of the exposed wood inside, and it took several hours for the terpenes to clear out afterwards. Kara's sauna didn't make her sick like it has in the past, so I'll keep spraying and praying, and hopefully we'll get it to where she needs it.

As for the fish, we decided that things hanging on the wall should be done in threes, so I took the girls to get a little red betta last night. Rosebud is it's name.

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