Saturday, February 17, 2007

Up In The Night

Alyssa has allergies, or a cold or something, and it's making her cough. I kept her home Thursday morning for a couple of hours, but the cough calmed down so I took her in to school. Thursday night she started coughing just after I went to bed, and I was up until 1:30 before she finally got quieted down enough for us both to sleep.

As a result, I kept her home Friday. She thought that was a good idea, for about an hour. Then she realized that when dad's working and Anna's not around, it can get pretty boring at home. I did my best to keep the videos rolling and take Play-dough and puzzle breaks, but by about 1:00 she was begging me to take her to school.

I thought we would be OK last night, but it was even worse. I was up with her until 2:00, then again at 5:00. She can't seem to cough and spit, so if there is enough stuff in her throat she will eventually cough until she throws up, which happened several times last night. I ended up sleeping in her bed, and I'd just reach down and pick up the barf bowl whenever it was needed. Nothing but mucus ever came up, so that was good.

Anna missed out on that fun last night, as she was spending the night with a friend from school. This little girl is on the shy, quiet side, and Anna says she doesn't have very many friends at school. Anna was also invited to a slumber party for another friend in her class, but decided to skip it so she could honor her previous commitment. She also noted that because the second girl is more popular and would have a dozen other girls there, while she was the only one invited to the first girl's house.

I let her know I was proud of her decision. She is a very sweet girl, and seems to go out of her way to be a good friend.

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