Monday, February 19, 2007

Sacrament Meeting at the Church of Christ

Our Sacrament Meeting yesterday was at the Church of Christ down the street and around the corner. It was a nice big building, although very different from an LDS chapel. The thing I liked best about it was the stained concrete floors. I've become very observant of building materials as of late, and while that building was rather spartan in its amenities, it was a relatively "safe" building. The Weatherford chapel, being 25 years old, was fairly safe, too, having off-gassed many of the chemicals used in the building materials. I'm concerned about what a new building will hold in store for us.

Sacrament Meeting ran for 100 minutes, but that was the only meeting that we had, and given the circumstances and the amount of spirit and emotion, it seemed appropriate. The investigation into the fire has been closed, and the cause was apparently wiring in a light switch.

I was scheduled to teach in priesthood, and I wanted to share the story of I Hemolele and the origins of the Hukilau, as it seems appropriate to the situation. I'm sure I'll get a chance in a few weeks.

Alyssa slept through the night without any coughing fits - at least none big enough to wake either Anna or I. I decided to keep her home again today, though. She's still sleeping, and I'll let her sleep as long as she can. My garage clean out has been changed to kitchen cabinet tear out prep, due to the availability of help this evening. Alyssa will be able to "help" me with this work, too. She loves helping, especially when it involves using tools. She's an expert screwdriver turner.

Kara's day started out with a bit of excitement, as her TPN bottle had a meeting with the floor and, again, the tile won. Her bottle holds a liter, and while this TPN looks like apple juice, it doesn't smell nearly as sweet. We got it cleaned up, for the most part. Running the steamer is on my list for today, so I'll just run it out there and give the floor a good once over. It's due.

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