Sunday, February 11, 2007

Introducing Lilac and Marigold

As part of her ocean-themed bedroom, Anna wanted some fish. However, I wasn't very excited about having a fishbowl that could get knocked over by all of the clutter that finds its way to every horizontal surface in her room.

So several months ago, I had the idea to find some wall-mounted vases to put the fish in. Anna loved the idea, and we started looking. Unfortunately, finding a couple of vases that would work for fish bowls was a little tricky A few weeks ago, I finally found some on closeout at Wal-Mart, but decided I wasn't up to doing the fish thing just yet, so I put them away.

Every few weeks, Anna asks when we're going to get her fish, and she asked again yesterday. I admitted to her that I had found the vases, and agreed to take her to get the fish that night if she would help me with my work. I'm such a mean dad; always trying to get my kids to help me.

Fortunately she did, and last night we picked out a couple of bettas. These are pretty fish that like living alone in small containers, and they're fairly easy to care for. We have had a few in the past, and they worked out well.

On the way home, Anna was trying to think of some names. She didn't like Banana and Balyssa, so I suggested she think of names that came in pairs, like Bert and Ernie or Oscar and Felix or Zack and Cody. She especially liked the last one, but decided on Marigold and Lilac.

The fish are mounted on the wall and have stayed alive for almost a day. Hopefully we can keep them that way for at least a few months.

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