Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Flight of the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy has been shown many different ways in art and media, but Art LaFleur's depiction, as seen in the Santa Clause movies, is probably the closest to reality - at least in this house. And when the Tooth Fairy visited Alyssa tonight, he needed to bring some extra dough. The poor girl left the dentist today with not one, not two, but three little treasure boxes, each holding a tooth.

Alyssa has had at least a half-dozen crowns, plus a number of fillings and five extractions, and yet she still just loves going to the dentist. Anna hates going to the dentist, and that's why I didn't tell her until the very last minute. I was going to try and keep her appointment a secret until we got to the dentist's office, but when I told her to go and brush her teeth "really, really good," she figured it out and cried until we got there ten minutes later.

Anna accused me of being mean, waiting until the last minute to spring the dentist visit on her. I maintain that ten minutes of crying is much better than a whole day, or a whole week, of intermittent sobs, which is what I got the last time she went.

And this time the fuss was in vain, as she came away with a perfect checkup.

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