Friday, January 26, 2007

In search of 8 hours sleep

Yesterday was a beautiful day, with sunshine and spring-like temperatures. I made sure to get the bikes out so we could go riding after school. Anna decided that she had too much homework, so just Alyssa and I went for a short ride around the block. Alyssa is usually very quiet, but put her on the back of the bike and she talks almost as much as her sister! The ride wasn't very long, maybe three miles, but I got a much better workout than normal, as I didn't have to stop every half mile for Anna to take a break.

Doug finally came and replaced the gasket in the water system. It seems to be working OK, but it took several days for the first one to blow. I've got my eye on it, and the 72 hour kits are on the other side of the garage.

He was here until after 11:00 on Wednesday night, which meant I was pretty short on sleep again yesterday. I managed OK, but I was certainly not in my best form. So last night I pulled out all the stops and got myself to bed by 9:30, all set for a full 8 hours. I know; How selfish of me. :-)

Somehow, the girls seem to know when I need extra sleep, because they don't go to bed, no matter how hard I try. I finally got them down, Alyssa asleep (she had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon), and I go into bed. Kara is still spending two nights a week in Dallas, and on those nights I sleep in the room next to the girls. Alyssa knows this, and so not long after I fell asleep, she was in my room. Rather than fight with her, I just pulled her into bed with me. About every two hours I would wake up and tell her that it was time to put her back in her own bed, and then fall asleep before I could follow through.

Finally, around 4:30, I was able to get her back in her bed and get my final hour of sleep before the off-to-school stampede began again.

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