Saturday, January 20, 2007

The jumbo/LARGE To Do list

The girls and I found our way home to Willow Park last night. It was an uneventful ending to a good week. My friend Karl Beckstrand works at the airport, and he met us after we went through the security gauntlet. The bookstore had a copy of his new children's book, "Crumbs on the Stairs," so we bought a copy and he signed it for the girls.

I miss a lot of things about Utah, but the chronic winter "urban haze" is certainly not one of them. It was especially bad yesterday as we took off from Salt Lake City International. Alyssa slept most of the way home, and Anna did her homework. By the time we got home from the airport, unloaded the car, and got everyone ready for bed, there were no more fifteen minutes left in the day.

Today, I am faced with the jumbo/LARGE To Do list. First task is to wash all of the clothes that we took. It's amazing how many scents we picked up just being out and about, without even trying. It's also amazing how I don't notice them until I come into our relatively scent-free house, and then they are very obvious.

It's STILL raining here in Willow Park, although it's just warm enough for it to stay liquid. By next weekend, though it's supposed to be back to the sunny fifties. I can't wait!

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