Monday, January 22, 2007

Leaks, Talks, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

At the end of a week-long trip, it's important to hit the ground running. This weekend I just about ran my little feet off. But now it's Monday night, and I'm still standing. (OK, actually I'm sitting, but I deserve it.)

The Jumbo/LARGE to do list is still pretty big, but I finally got all of the laundry done. I also drug the girls out into the rain to do grocery shopping. While we were gone, our "Mother of All Residential Water Systems" sprung a leak and soaked all of the 72 hour kits. Fortunately, my wise sister recommended that we put everything from the kits into plastic bags, so the damage was minimal. But the fact that we even have to put up with this kind of problem in a system that cost as much as a good certified used car.....

In the mail on Saturday was a letter to Anna reminding her that she was giving a talk in Primary. I got up early on Sunday morning and wrote her a quick outline. Because I am a computer geek, I couldn't actually write it by hand, so I typed it into my computer. However, I had sealed the office door before our trip in order to keep the toxic printer fumes out of the rest of the house, and I didn't want to take the tape off just yet. So I climbed through the window of the office in order to print it out. Anna was very appreciative, although she ended up rewriting the talk with a pen later that morning.

The weather on Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. Alyssa was constantly begging me to go on a bike ride, and I was having a hard time saying no. The weather was sunny again today, although a bit colder and much windier. The girl's were home from school, but I still needed to work. So I bribed them with a trip to the Cowgirl Museum (it's right next to the Science Museum, and included in our pass) if they let me get my work done.

For the most part, they did pretty well today. Anna did some of her homework (although I have just been told she has quite a bit more to do) and Alyssa actually slept for several hours. I worked really hard, and by 4:00 we were ready to roll. It takes half an hour to get to the museums, and they close at 5:30 during the week, so we were set for a full hour of happy trails.

Unfortunately, the Ft Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is next door at the Will Rogers Center, and all of the parking lots have been taken over by dude's in Stetsons charging $6 a car. Well, I usually don't carry that kind of cash, and I figured the museums would just about be closed by the time I found an ATM, so the trip was a bust. We went to the mall instead, where I blew my diet at one of those cookie places.

Maybe I'll make it up by typing extra fast tomorrow.

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