Sunday, January 28, 2007

Everything's bigger in Texas

We're finding that everything really is bigger in Texas. The power bills are bigger. The auto insurance bills are bigger. The property tax bills are bigger. Grrrrrr...

Fortunately, today was a fairly nice day, and we could let the sun shine in, giving the heater a little bit of a rest. We also set the chairs outside for a visit from our Home Teachers. We sat outside the garage, on the south side, so we could be in the sun and have a little shelter from the wind.

Sometimes I feel like we're running for the title of "Strangest Family in the State."

Sometimes I feel like we're winning.

Our neighbors to the south are very understanding. I haven't met our neighbors to the north, but I wonder what they think of us climbing in and out the bedroom window all day.

I did some measuring today, and figured out that all of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets that we won't be able to use in the house will fit along the walls of the garage. This will be a really great improvement over having them piled in the middle of the garage, which is where half of them are now.

I'm not exactly sure when the great Garage Cabinet Installation Party will be, but it is probably going to be after the Kitchen Cabinet Removal party. I'm going to take a couple of the smaller cabinets out myself, and make sure I can get them replaced with the wire racks before I have a bunch of people over to help with the big, long cabinet. That one includes the sink and dishwasher, so it should be quite a challenge.

The island will be easy. I don't think it ever got screwed back down to the floor.

That's where Kara and the girls are right now - making more cookies on the island. I think I'll go and see if there are any ready to eat.

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