Thursday, January 11, 2007

The first fifteen minutes

Well, here it goes. My first foray into the blogosphere. This is an attempt to share the accomplishments and struggles of my life and my family with friends and loved ones, as well as interested strangers who feel they can make a connection.

I have tried (and failed) to make this connection with irregular email updates. The problem there was that I hesitated to flood the in box of the people I care about with email after email, but so much happens around here every day that soon the update was too big to write (and far to big to read) and so my attempt at communication ground to a halt.

My hope here is that by committing to fifteen minutes a day, I will actually follow through with my updates. And by writing a blog rather than emails, I don't have to worry about becoming a "spam king" with daily emails.

That intro took about half the time. Here's the quick update to fill in the rest:

Work is going well for me. I had the chance to go to Korea for a week in December and work with three different printer manufacturers. It was a quick, busy trip, but I did manage to have a little fun at the Num Dea Mun market in Seoul on Saturday before I came home.

I will be visiting company HQ in Midvale, UT next week, and I am bringing the girls with me. I think it will be great for them to see everyone, since they didn't have that extended family circus atmosphere during the Holidays.

Kara is still working hard on getting well. It's a 10-steps forward, 9-steps back process, and winter time in Texas is when many, many things bloom. She's hit by city pollution when she's at the clinic in Dallas, and all of the pollen that the country has to offer when at home.

Anna has discovered the internet in a big way, and is constantly checking her email and "networking" with other kids on a site called "Club Penguin." She enjoys the internet so much, we now have tremendous leverage by threatening that privelege.

Alyssa is also doing well, and is having a lot of fun with her bike. We all got bikes for Christmas (except Anna, who already had one) and Alyssa's is an Alley Cat - one that clamps onto the back of my bike to make an "instant Tandem." We can now go on bike rides together, and all she has to do is balance. I get a good workout towing her behind me, and Anna is learning she can ride for more than two minutes without taking a break.

I have some great pictures of us on our bikes, and one of these 15 minutes I'll figure out how to post them.

OK, we're at 16:30 and counting. Not bad for a first attempt - especially with trying to squeeze in months worth of follow-up. Let's see how things go tomorrow.

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