Saturday, January 27, 2007

How many Annas can YOU find?

I met one of Anna's new friends yesterday. I told her she needed to be a little more selective in the friends she chooses. You see, this little girl is the second friend she has made who's name is also Anna. Now there are three Anna's, and I'm getting confused.

Why can't she meet a nice Yolanda or Tiffany or Esmarelda? At least one of her friends is named Zealand. I don't get her mixed up with anyone.

This new Anna's house happens to be on our regular bike route, so we met her while we were out riding. It was another beautiful day, and Anna (my daughter, not the friend - see what I mean?) rode home from the halfway point without taking a break. She's always had a lot of explosive energy with next to no endurance, but hopefully we're getting that taken care of.

Today started out nice, too, and I thought we might take a bike ride down to a little park that's near our house. But by the time I got my big ol' task list done, the wind had come around from the north, with a vengeance. So I talked Alyssa (the bike and park queen) into a quick swing on our way to the store (in the car), where we picked up the makings for some Valentine's day sugar cookies.

Kara and the girls made cookies while I went to our Ward temple night. It's about an 70-minute drive from our house to the temple
in Dallas. When we lived in Austin, it was a three-hour drive, and we came up several times. I never noticed then just how poor the ergonomics are in that temple. Things that should be right next to each other are on opposite ends of the building. Even the temple in Laie, which is almost 100 years old, seems to have been laid out with more thought.

However, the spirit there is strong, just as in all of the other temples, and I guess that's the whole point in going in the first place.

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