Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Anna the Actress

Yesterday was Anna's first class at Casa Manana, a theater in Fort Worth that offers a variety of classes. Her big gift for Christmas was an acting class, and when she finally figured out what it was, I thought she was going to cry. She was very excited, and I was excited for her. She really needs this creative outlet.

To get to the class on time, we have to leave as soon as the kids are off the bus. In order to do that, I had to work straight through, without a chance to go to the ATM and get cash for parking. Since the theater is even closer to the Stock Show than the Science Museum, I was sure their lot would have sprouted a toll booth, too (see yesterdays post). Anna had mentioned that she had several dollars, so I asked her to go and get it. I had a buck and some change, so I figured we could scrape together $6, just in case.

Anna showed up with a handful of coins - no paper money. So I got a jar and filled it with enough quarters, nickels and dimes to get us a spot, hoping all the while that the theater would be considerate enough to somehow accommodate us (but secretly looking forward to shoving a jar of change at the attendant.) Fortunately, the booth was unattended when we got there, and the theater gave us a little parking pass to use. Good thing, too, as the theater lot spaces were going for $8!

After a brief orientation, Alyssa and I left Anna and walked a quarter-mile to the Science Museum for 20 minutes of fun. Alyssa really surprised me by walking all the way there and (almost) all the way back.When class got out, Anna was on top of the world. At a hundred miles an hour, she told us about the acting exercises they had done, and how much fun she had.

I think she's going to do well in this class.

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