Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I miss writing code in my pajamas

My employer, Onyx Graphics, has been very good to let me work from home in Texas while Kara is going through her recovery. My office is in one of the bedrooms, and while I have tried to stick to a fairly regular schedule, I must admit that there are times I start my work day wearing my pajamas, especially if there are pressing issues to be worked. After an hour or two, I finally get around to taking a shower and getting dressed for the day.

It has been really good to be at the office in Utah this week. We have a lot of tools to help keep in touch, which is much easier than it would have been even a few years ago, but there is nothing like working in the same building as everyone else to really get a sense of community. However, I have been reminded that a long commute can be a real inconvenience. It's much harder balancing family and work commitments when I spend 45 minutes just driving - each way.

Before I could start my commute this morning, we had a fair bit of excitement. I was getting ready for work when Mom came in and told me that Ed was spitting up blood and wanted me to give him a blessing before she took him to the emergency room. Fortunately, by the time they got there the bleeding had stopped, and the doctors were unable to find any reason for him to be having a problem.

Tonight we had dinner with my dad. He made a nice minestrone-type soup, which was perfect for Alyssa's mouth situation. Anna ate it like a trooper, although she later confessed that "it was really good for us tonight, but I don't think I want you to get the recipe." She has one of the hardest palettes to please, although she is getting better at eating what is given to her. Alyssa, on the other hand, will eat just about anything as long as it's tepid (we put ice in soup and ice cream in the microwave) and not too spicy.

It has been really good to see everyone while on this trip. I had imagined my regular trips to the office would be quiet, restful periods away from the responsibilities of home, but I find myself filling every available minute visiting friends and family. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Sleep is for the plane ride home, I guess.

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