Thursday, October 25, 2007

Too Big for the Big Stage (for now...)

I took the girls to see Charlotte's Web over at Aledo High School last night. I'm impressed at the quality of the productions that the school puts on. The girls both really enjoyed it. It was quite a bit shorter than Peter Pan, which was nice as it was a school night.

Anna loves staying around after the show and getting autographs from the actors, and they in turn love signing.

The two plays we've attended this year have had younger children playing roles that a high schooler would probably be too big for. One of the little "baby spiders" was a girl who sits next to Alyssa in her mainstream 3rd grade class. I have found it is nearly impossible to take Alyssa out in public without someone she knows - a teacher or classmate or therapist or aide - seeing us and saying "Hi." Alyssa, of course, always hides.

I've thought it might be good for Anna to audition for a kid's role in one of the school's upcoming productions, but I abandoned that idea last night. That sweet 5th grade actress was as tall as - or taller than - a third of the high schoolers she got autographs from.

Directors love sixteen year olds that can look ten, but have little use for ten year olds who can look sixteen.

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