Monday, October 8, 2007

The Columbus Day Slumber Party

We survived conference Sunday OK. We never did manage to get a video feed, but audio worked just fine. And I still maintain that the swirling-color visualizer is more interesting than a talking head anyway.

Alyssa wanted everyone to sleep back in Kara's room, so we set the bed roll up for the girls. After a raucous and rousing reverent and Sabbath-appropriate game of Wii bowling, we finished up the dishes and went to bed.

It was much later than we wanted, but we hoped that maybe Alyssa would sleep in a bit.

Fat chance.

I'm not sure what our early bird does with all her worms, but she sure seems intent on getting them.

She did sleep an hour past her usual wake-up time of 6:00, but not enough to offset the late night. So she was grouchy all morning and then went back to sleep just before lunch.

I'm taking half a day off so I can be productive and spend time with the family. And update my blog.

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