Thursday, October 4, 2007

Caramel Bliss

Yesterday we made homemade caramel. Today, I turned that caramel into Caramel Bliss Apple Butter.

Thanks to my handy dandy self-stirring crock pot (and a little help from C. S. Lewis) my most anticipated culinary creation was, after simmering for over 14 hours, ladled piping hot into half-pint jars and sealed to lock in flavor and freshness.

In keeping with the aforementioned weight loss program, I have calculated that Caramel Bliss has a mere 24 calories per tablespoon. That's less than most jams and jellies, and no jam has ever tasted like this!

Alas, Caramel Bliss is not available in stores. Any stores. Anywhere. (Stupid health codes!)

But it is available here, at Fifteen Minutes of Delusion.

I have ten (10) jars of this most amazing and healthy concoction, available to give away for free, to YOU! (Because I can't legally sell you one - stupid health codes...)

All you have to do to get a jar is be one of the first ten (10) people to 1) post a comment to THIS BLOG ENTRY saying that you want one and 2) send an email to dcarey68 (at) prism (dot) net telling me where you want the Caramel Bliss sent and 3) include in your email wording that lets me know you understand this is a gift which was made in my home kitchen without the blessing of the Health Department.

That's it. I'll scramble around to find enough small boxes and ship them out next week.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Wow, I'll take some!! Thanks, Don -- what a great present.

Dan Monson said...

Carmel Bliss sounds wonderful! I could certainly use some bliss about now!

I sure enjoy reading your blog! (But you already know that.)

Anonymous said...

I want some!!! :)


Marsha Ward said...

It sounds wonderful!

Nicole said...

You don't have to ask me twice.

Sounds wonderfully decadent and is certain to help me acheive my weight loss goals!!

Marsha Ward said...

Did I forget to say I want some?

I want some.

You don't need to count me as two of your ten, though. :-)

Shirley Bahlmann said...

I found your link through Tristi Pinkston's blogspot. She's my new blogger career guru. She suggested I check out the links on her site, and look what I found! Caramel Bliss, and a great writer besides! I think you're delightful. I'd like to add your blog link to my blogspot, provided I can figure out how to do it. Oh, yes, I'd certainly appreciate a jar of your Caramel Bliss. Caramel is one of my all time absolute favorites, one of those treats that's worth the calories! Thank you! (It makes up for my mysterious disappearing/reappearing Halloween globe from our front yard.)

Serious Sam said...

That sounds fantastic! If I'm not too late, can I have one, please?

Anonymous said...

I would like one.