Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Real Live Update

Ok, it's been forever since I've actually done an update, what with all the writing and dieting and blog rating and apple-butter give awaying giving away. So I'll take a few minutes (fifteen maybe?) and write about what's going on.

We redid Kara's Lyme disease test, and I'm hoping the results should be back soon. I'm also watching for the results of our air quality testing this week. Kara had a couple of other tests done, too. We're just stuck right now, and praying the Lord will let us know (presumably through one of these tests) what we're supposed to be doing.

Anna and Alyssa are doing well. Alyssa bought a toy Buzz Lightyear cellphone (not the Princess one!) and she's been "talking to" just about everyone we know. If your ears have been burning, that's why.

Anna wants a hamster in the worst way. She's been doing all kinds of research, and she was teaching the girl at the pet store a thing or two the other night. But until Kara starts getting better, we just can't add another variable.

And me? I'm just happy to be here. Losing a little weight, writing a little, way behind on paperwork, and housework. I'm keeping up with my job, and apparently making the right people happy. This is good, as they are making quite an exception letting me work from home 1000 miles from the main office.

And the weather is finally starting to hint at fall. We're still in the 80s by day, but getting into the 60s at night. Nice.

Also, I've been tagged. I started working on that, but some of the answers are going to require a little bit of thought. Maybe tomorrow.


Nicole said...

Oh, the tagging is just for fun!! Don't do it if it will add to your stress!!

And you don't want a hamster. Really you don't. Get a Koosh ball instead. You can throw those, but they don't leave little surprises around or spend their whole life waiting to be squished to death by an overly excited child.

Don said...

The tagging is no stress. But how am I supposed to narrow down weird things about me to only FOUR?

Like I said, this one will take some thought.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hamsters are fun, but they do have dander, and their bedding is also known to cause allergies. You're wise to wait until you know what's up.

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