Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Realizing the Dream

Christmas 2006, when we all got our bicycles, I had visions of family bike excursions. Unfortunately, that dream didn't come together very well.

Until yesterday.

Our family labor day activity was to load the bicycles into the back of the van and drive to Granbury and ride the bike trail Kara and I took on our anniversary.

The bikes fit nicely into the van, with only minimal disassembly. We had a great time. Now if I can only get Alyssa to pedal.

I didn't take the camera, but these days everyone is getting left overs and learning to like it.

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Queen of Chaos said...

Good times! I think it's one of those things that when ride more often then you'll get used to it. I go through spurts of riding myself.

Though- I will hand it to ya- having TWO kids trying to go biking with on a regular basis is a whole lot better and easier then getting FIVE! haha
I don't think we've ever gone riding with all 7 of us. I'm sure someone would get killed for sure. :S