Friday, September 19, 2008

Moosekiller Addendum - Alyssa Humor

So tonight as Anna oiled her valves in preparation for her evening practice, Alyssa began to giggle.

Her giggle turned into full blown hysterics as Anna pulled a couple of dirty socks out of her baritone's bell.

Nothing wrong with Alyssa's sense of humor, the little jokster.


Liz said...

awwww. the sweetness of sibling antics. what a good laugh!

Julie Wright said...

That is hilarious! every family needs at least one prankster!

Gloria said...

There is nothing like good old fashioned, harmless pranking that lets you laugh hysterically.

I love to laugh myself and it was fun to visualize Alyssa having such a great time. I hope Anna joined in, at least somewhat.