Friday, September 12, 2008

Preparing for Ike

Ike is coming. You can tell because gas is 20 cents higher tonight than it was this morning. Good thing I filled up when I did.

Can you say "price gouging?"

Anyway, Ike is supposed to pass 100 or so miles to the east of us, but given that the storm has been between 500 and 700 miles across, we should still get plenty of wind and rain.

We're being told to prepare for 3 days without electricity or water. So all of the portable electronics are plugged in. Heaven forbid we have to go all weekend without a Game Boy. We've filled several gallon jugs with drinking water, plus the stand-alone bathtub is full.

We don't know quite what's going to happen. It sounds like the wind and rain will probably show up late tomorrow morning or even afternoon, and we'll get the worst through the evening tomorrow. Winds are only forecast to be 20-40 mph where we are, but we're prepared anyway.

Probably over prepared, but then that's just the way we are. We've moved all of our blow-awayables into the garage. Good thing I cleaned it out last weekend, huh?

I'll post updates tomorrow, as long as I have power.


Nicole said...

Only 20¢ higher? Here in NC - hundreds of miles away from Ike - gas prices spiked as much as $1.40 yesterday, in preparation for the storm. It went from $3.59 Wednesday night to $4.99 Thursday night. Interestingly enough though, not all the stations raised their prices (although they've all instituted a 10 gallon limit) and you can bet that when all this brouhaha blows over I'll be shopping at Hess and not Exxon.

Don said...

$1.40!?!?! That's obscene! And, I would imagine, more than a little illegal.