Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Report 2

It's just after noon, and there isn't much to report. A small band of rain came through, and got the patio wet. I didn't take a picture.

To the eye of an untrained weather geek, it looks like the storm is tracking a little west of what's forecast, and there should be a couple of rain bands passing over our house. In fact, it's just started raining again.

There's still some significant rain to the south and east of us. Just how much comes our way remains to be seen.

I supposed I'd be safe to remove the plywood from the windows. Nah, I actually didn't board up the house. The tub full of water is starting to seem like overkill, though. But, as I mentioned to Anna last night, I'd rather have a tub full of unneeded water than a tub full of undrinkable air.

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Dan said...

Keep up the weather reports. They are interesting!