Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back To School Slump

So here we are, in the fourth week of the school year. Less than a month, and my how things have changed.

During the first week of school, everyone was up and going as soon as the alarms sounded. I'd lay Alyssa's clothes out the night before, and she'd put them on all by herself. Kara and I practically had to arm wrestle to see who would make the girl's lunch.

Fast forward to this morning. Alyssa would not get out of bed, and I had to get her dressed while she lay there crying about wanting to stay home. I made strawberry banana smoothies for breakfast (usually a favorite) and she took maybe 3 sucks on her straw.

The one big surprise has been Anna. She's been getting up and getting dressed and even showering without (much) complaining, and usually before Alyssa is up - even though her bus comes an hour later.

Hopefully this is just a slump we can get worked out of.

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Heather B. Moore said...

Yeah, it's hard to keep up the momentum. Maybe send a little treat in their backpack ;)