Friday, July 27, 2007

The Trial of Accepting Service

After a big start, this week has kept us hopping. By the end of today, the girls will have had three play dates with people in the ward - two involving swimming pools.

Also, our big overgrown back yard was the site of the Young Men service project. One of the leaders has a little tractor with a brush hog on the back, and as with any expensive toy he is always looking for an excuse to use it. Alyssa got to ride on his lap for a few turns. She had a great time.

It's always hard for me to be the subject of a service project. It's not so much the help I mind, but being in a position to need the help. Last summer before we moved, the ward came over to clean the house and yard. There were easily 100 people, half outside ripping weeds and cutting grass, and the other half inside cleaning everything in sight.

While the help was greatly appreciated, I'm still not sure how I got through that episode without a nervous breakdown. I sure felt close several times.

There was no danger of that on Wednesday, though. Having young men cutting our grass/weeds is a lot easier to accept than having the Relief Society scrubbing out our toilets.

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