Monday, July 2, 2007

The O2 Delivery

It's twenty minutes before tomorrow, and I'm still up. I'm up because Kara's doctor has given her a prescription for oxygen therapy. She's started, and it's helping quite a bit. Even more than the sauna, which she isn't using at the moment. She just points the windshield of the truck at the sun and sits inside with the windows up for half an hour or so. Except when it's raining. The solar truck sauna doesn't work when it's raining.

I'm up because Kara's oxygen is coming. They said they would deliver it today. First it was this afternoon. Then this evening. Then the driver was running late, and it would be between 11:00 and 12:00. PM. After dark. At night.

So I'm up. Barely. My eyes are tired, and I want to take my contacts out so my eyes will stop burning. I can't, though. I didn't put them in today.

So now it's only twelve minutes until tomorrow. I can take some consolation in knowing that there is no school tomorrow, so I can sleep in as late as Alyssa wants. She took two naps today, so I'm afraid it won't be nearly as late as what I want.

At least she knows how to turn on Curious George by herself now. At 6:30. When she gets up. Tomorrow. Which starts in eight minutes.


Update: It's 12:36, and there is no sign of any delivery. I don't have a number to call. I am finished with my vigil. I'm glad there's half a case of carbonated, caffeinated contraband in the trunk. I'm going to need it when the sun comes up. I'm going to bed.

Update 2: It is now 1:05, and there is extra oxygen in my house. All it took was going to bed.

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