Thursday, July 5, 2007

How I Spent My 4th of July

We had a pretty good day yesterday. Not perfect, but pretty good. We only had two activities planned for the day - a family bike ride and a swimming/fireworks party at the house of a friend from church.

Although Kara, Alyssa and I all got our bikes for Christmas, Kara hadn't been riding with us because we couldn't quite figure out how to have her ride with her bottle of TPN. That is no longer a problem now. The other issue was that one bike needed repairs and adjustments due to it being assembled by a monkey with a learning disorder. This took an hour or so, and while there was no
set time for our ride the riders thought it should take place 15 minutes before the repairs were done.

The ride was over our traditional two mile course of roads that slope so gently you only notice it when you are on a bicycle. Each of us took turns whining about things - the fit of helmets; the heat of the day; too slow; too fast; too thirsty. I spent my time whining about the whiners.

Despite all the whining though, Kara later said the little ride was the most fun she'd had in a long time. Hopefully we can go out again on Saturday, sans whining.

The day turned out warmer and nicer than was forecast. I did end up making a trip to a store in Arlington to get more pheasant for Kara, and on the way back I got some of the little throw-pop things for the girls. Alyssa asked for them by name, so I couldn't really refuse.

The party started at 8:00, and Kara decided that she would stay at home and do her oxygen and get ready for today's trip to Dallas. I had hoped she would come, if just for a few minutes to meet some people and maybe watch some fireworks, but I respect her decision to protect her health.

We were asked to bring a "family favorite" side or dessert. We had a beautiful bunch of spinach that Kara had decided not to use in her rotation diet, so I made a spinach, feta, grape and vinaigrette salad. I had Anna help by cutting up the grapes. "I don't remember this being a family favorite," she grumbled.

I was surprised to see it was the only salad there, and it went quickly. Anna even had some, and commented that she felt very proud that she had helped to make it. Hooray for little victories!

The fireworks over the lake were all done by the homeowners. Based on the size of the homes I expected a very good display and was not disappointed. Until the girls decided that they were done and we had to leave before the show was over. (sigh)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good 4th of July. We rounded up a babysitter (very rare to find with EFY going on in San Antonio) and went to eat at Freebirds (excellent, near Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth) and then to the Transformers movie. Again, excellent. Immensely entertaining, over-the-top summer fare. Glad to hear about Kara's progress with foods - laborious, but progressive!

Lisa (Walker) Dansie