Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Six Flags Over Texas, Part 4

Anna noticed the stillness first. As we walked from our car towards the front gate at Six Flags, she said "it doesn't seem like any of the rides are going." I looked around, and saw that she was right. Also, people were streaming out of the park like fire ants. We weren't the only ones going in, but the sight of so many people leaving in the early evening just as the park was cooling off unnerved me a bit.

We stopped at the restrooms, and I overheard someone saying something about the rides closing down. I did not like the sound of that.

Sure enough, most of the rides had garbage cans and chains barring the entrances. The girls noticed that the teacups were running, but I wanted to find out why the others were stopped. I asked the attendant at the Conquistador, and he said the problem was the lightening and wind that had come by, but he expected the rides would reopen soon.

We rode the teacups again, then the Conquistador, then went to see what other rides were open. On the way, we saw many of the characters in costume. Although she was excited to see them, this is as close as Alyssa would ever get to any of them.

Anna told me that she wanted to wear a character costume when she grew up. I'm not sure she would feel the same way if it were 110 in the shade.

We rode La Vibodora several more times, and then I made a tragic mistake on the teacups.

The ride operator was constantly egging everyone on about spinning their teacups faster. So I decided to let my manliness take over and give the girls a real spin. I spun the teacup so fast that even Anna begged me to slow down.

And then my own body turned against me. It had had enough, and let me know that I was going to be sick. I stopped spinning immediately and waited for the ride to end. And I waited and waited and waited, but the ride kept going. My throat got tight and my stomach churned, and I did all of the tricks I could think of to keep my dinner to myself.

It was enough - barely.

When the teacups finally stopped, the attendant announced that he had given us a triple ride. I exited much greener than I had started.

By this point, it was dark, and most people had left the park. The girls rode the Sombrero over and over again without getting off. I told them they could ride as many times as they wanted, but I was done.

I did finally get settled enough to go on the Scrambler. Alyssa was so cute with her hands in the air, I just had to get this picture.

We stayed until just before the park closed. By this point, the smell of the funnel cakes and asphalt were enough to make me ill, and the girls were both plenty tired.

I got them to bed, and after a hot shower my stomach finally settled enough that I could go to bed myself.

This morning I was reminded that I am no longer a teenager. My body is getting ready to celebrate it's 40th anniversary, and it is requesting that I treat it with a little more respect in the future.

We'll see.

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