Saturday, July 21, 2007

O Pioneer

Today our Stake had a Pioneer Day celebration at the park. We had a real pioneer breakfast of pancakes from powdered mix (the Costco variety) and Kirkland brand imitation maple syrup.

There were some fun games, too. Anna took a stab at the potato peeling contest. She did pretty well, considering the first time she actually put a vegetable peeler into action was this past week when she decided the peeler looked like a fun tool. I have to agree.

She also participated in the tug of war and the wagon races. She didn't want to risk personal injury in the nail pounding and log cutting competitions.

Alyssa's participation only went as far as watching and pouting. But she had fun on the swings and slide.

There was also a pioneer day parade, that involved walking around the park and singing "Pioneer Children."

Sadly, my journalistic responsibilities prevented me from walking with them.

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