Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lube and Inspection, Please

I am very excited to have found an auto shop with WiFi. It allows me to work or blog while my vehicle is getting treatment. Today it's the car, getting an oil change and state inspection. I wouldn't normally think of coming to a place like this on a Saturday, but it's July 7th and I've pushed the grace period long enough.

My biggest concern about coming on a Saturday is the crowd and the wait. But today, I seem to have lucked out. This is the first Saturday in weeks where the sun is out and the clouds are small and fluffy. Consequently, everyone else is at the lake, and I have the place to myself. More or less.

We got our bike ride in this morning, and the whining got left at home. Hooray! It was pretty warm, and Kara dressed up in sweats to start her sauna routine, which she finished by sitting in the truck when we got back. Only one bike has a water bottle rack, so I put a vegetable-picking apron on backwards and put three bottles in it. I'm not sure we really needed two water breaks on our little route, but I didn't feel like arguing the point.

After I'm done here I'll be off to the toy store for birthday shopping. Alyssa turns 8 on Thursday, and we have a lot to do to get ready. She has a small list of friends she wants to invite to her party, so we need to get the word out ASAP. We'll have it at her favorite park.

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