Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Six Flags Over Texas, Part 1

Today my children are singing my praises. My body is threatening to revolt. Yesterday's trip to Six Flags was filled with adventure of epic proportions.

Here's how it went down.

We arrived at the park around 10:30 am, forty-five minutes after leaving home. We were all in high spirits, despite missing the park opening by thirty minutes. We walked the short distance from our
parking space near a tree to the front gate. The air was moist and still, but not unbearably hot.

The girls had been studying a park map for over a week, and we knew right where we wanted to
begin. We walked from the entrance gate at the south end of the park to the north-east corner, where the Mine Train roller coaster lived.

One of my main goals in this trip was to get the girls to try new things, especially roller coasters, and I saw this as a good entry level ride. We hit the Gunslinger on the way, and it was a nice, mellow thrill to start our day.

We then did the Mine Train, which Anna liked except for the "big" drop at the end. (There was nothing big about this coaster.) I tried explaining that drops were the best part of roller coaster riding, but she would have none of it. Alyssa liked the ride as well, though she spent the whole time in her classic ride position - head buried firmly in my side. Then when it was done, she asked to ride again.

We wound our way through the park, riding bigger and faster rides as we went along. We topped out with a trip on the Conquistador - a swinging ship ride that is always a favorite. Anna has a closed-eye philosophy when it comes to rides that are "fun."

Then it was off to the nice shaded picnic area for a lunch of PBJ, chips, grapes, and hard boiled eggs. That was Alyssa's main request.

Coming up in Part 2 - Bigger, Stronger, Faster!

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