Tuesday, July 3, 2007

O2 Delivery Aftermath

Alyssa actually let me sleep until 6:45 this morning. How nice of her. There was an issue with the TV, so she was unable to get Georgie on by herself. Plus she needed some food. I gave her a tortilla and tried to go back to sleep.

I gave up on sleeping at 8:00 (I might have gotten a few winks in) and set about finishing up with the lawn mower - in the front, anyhow.

The girls let me work through the morning on promise of taking them to the library for the Family Afternoon Movie. The list said they were showing "Herbie" which technically is an experimental 1966 George Lucas film. Since all of the other movies on the list are Disney shows, I assumed (correctly) that it was The Love Bug.

We have this show on DVD. Anna watches it a lot. A LOT! Alyssa made it 30 minutes. Next week is a Bug's Life, which Alyssa hasn't seen. Maybe it will work out better.

I did as much work as I could, but the library doesn't have wireless internet. I thought about swiping the network cable from one of the library's computers, but didn't. Instead, I had the girls pick out some videos and we left.

Kara did her O2 tonight, and that seems to have worked out. I went to the store and bought a bunch of veggies for Kara. Her IV is done, so we can go to bed now. This is good.

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