Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Tale of Two Schools

Not to slight the schools in the town where we used to live, but we have been very pleased with the education our girls have been getting since we moved her to Texas.

I fear that may change this school year.

Tonight was Meet and Greet at Alyssa's school, and New Student Orientation at Anna's new school. Two very different experiences.

We went to Alyssa's school, and met her teachers. They seem very nice, and we got the few questions we had answered quickly and easily.

We then came home for a quick dinner and tire change (and accompanying shower), then went to Anna's school for the orientation. This did not go so well.

First off, the "orientation" was a Powerpoint presentation in the cafeteria to an overflow, standing-room only crowd. We couldn't hear very well, but the little bit we did hear was all information that would have been better presented in a series of handouts.

That was it. No teachers. No answers to pressing questions. We came out with more questions than we went in with. In fact, the only question that did get answered was "Are we the only ones who think this was a waste of time?" Talking to other parents and 6th graders, the answer was an unqualified "No."

On the way home, poor Anna said "Now I'm really not looking forward to school on Monday.

I'm hoping things go a little better once school actually starts.

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