Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mowing Day on Trinity Court

After more than a week of frequent rain, we've had a few sunny days. As a result, the mowers have been running all day along the street. Mine included.

Since I hadn't mowed out back since June, the need was acute. Although, to be honest, a long dry spell this summer greatly reduced yard care urgency. This dry spell now appears to be over.

So, with a bit of lawn mowing effort I have managed to turn myself into a bundle of achy stiffness. We'll see how much of this is age, and how much is the Lyme treatment. The doctor yesterday told me to take a month off from my antibiotics. It's only been a day, and I think I'm already starting to feel some improvement. We'll see.

Anna's Lyme test came back, and while the results weren't as overwhelmingly positive as mine, they are still pretty clearly so. We've decided not to start her on antibiotics until next month, when the school year is well underway.

The guinea pigs are still doing fine. Anna is too busy taking care of them to blog about them, and I've got too much to do keeping up my two blogs to try and do that one. We added Kara to the Guinea Pigs and More blog authors, so maybe she'll write a bit. She enjoys the piggies, and has a funny story about how she woke up this morning...

The girls had a primary swim party today. I talked to one of the other parents who has a child starting at McAnally with Anna this fall, and she also lacks a sense of warm fuzziness about the the way this school year has started. Hopefully things will look less bleak next weekend, once the first week of school is done.

The first week of school! Next week! Starting Monday! The day after tomorrow! Buses begin arriving in 40 hours!

Not that I really care or anything...

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Queen of Chaos said...

Ouch, my back is aching from reading htis. I know the feeling of mowing a large yard {though not as HUGE as yours}. We don't have a yard rreally here in Arizona. Our front yeard is pebbles. {An AZ thing} and out back yars is also pebbles with a sliver of grass. I'm pleased that it takes so little to care for but I'm not so pleased we have place but a sliver for our children to roam.

I'll have to go read wht Kara has to say about the pigs...hehe

You can do it...less then 40 hours to go and school will be in view!

Oh, no Anna's got Lyme disease as well?????

BTW- come look at your new Hawaiian shirt Warren and I bought you today on my blog! He picked it out. We didn't like the selection at Wal-mart but surprisingly found it at a thrift store we went to next. I hope you like it- it's a little bright...but color can't hurt any, huh?

email me your addie. I will send this shirt off to you Monday.

warrenandautumn @ msn dot com