Saturday, August 9, 2008

Movies and a Clean House

So far, the two biggest advantages of our childless week are 1) once part of the house gets clean, it stays clean and 2) we get to watch movies that aren't animated or full of whining, singing teenagers.

We watched 27 Dresses on Thursday night, which is about whining, singing 20-somethings.

Last night we watched The Fellowship of the Ring, which is full of computer-animated sets and creatures.

OK, so I guess not much has really changed since the girls left.

Oh, actually, there is one important difference. Last night my pizza had ham and pineapple on the whole thing! None of this half-cheese business. No siree. With the girls gone, we're living the high life.

Stay tuned for today's incredibly exciting job recap, proving that all of the mess and mayhem in our lives is really the kids fault, and without them we could be reasonably well organized people.

Not that we'd trade our kids for a clean house. At least, not for more than a week.

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