Saturday, August 2, 2008

And The Tough Jobs Start To Fall

The car is gone; delivered to the buyer. Finally. Hooray.

This happened early this morning in the parking lot of the store where we were doing more back to school shopping - this time for clothes.

I'm really glad Kara is around to take Anna on her trips to the underwear section.

We also got ourselves moved out of one of the remaining two storage units. One more to go. Hopefully a big yard sale sometime in the cooler months will allow us to get completely out of there.

I started working on some difficult paperwork for a big task. It's been rather unpleasant, but it needs to be done. Hopefully I can get it wrapped up soon

I like when I can share a bit of humor in this blog, but the only really funny thing that happened today was my impersonation of Anna and her morning routine, and that doesn't translate very well to a blog post. So here's a funny but completely unrelated cartoon.

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Noreen and Allen said...

If you guys are out here next summer we'd love to take you on the boat. It's a lot of fun. Our ward has now noticed that we have it and we have been "invited" to a YW activity this Wednesday where they want to use it and the YM have "invited" us to Yuba Lake over the weekend on a ski/wake boarding trip.
I don't mind, I love going out and I love being with the youth. Both will be fun.
We still need to take Marri, Karra, Jen and their families out. Well I took Karra's boys but not Karra.