Monday, August 11, 2008

Surgery Update #1

We made it to the hospital OK this morning, and Kara has been in surgery for about 30 minutes now. The doctors have both worked with her before, and they are both very good. Our confidence is high this morning.

We got a little off our schedule yesterday, what with the guinea pigs and all. That put us behind getting everything packed up for today, which put us behind watching The Return of the King last night, so we didn't get to bed until much later than I wanted.

Once we did get to bed, Kara kept waking me up. I guess she was dreaming about orcs or something.

We were up by 5:00 and on our way by 5:40. It took us just over an hour to get here, and I'm a bit surprised at just how heavy traffic was. Days like today I'm especially grateful for my non-commute.

Kara got all changed into her little robe, and we both got a short snooze before they moved her to pre-op. Once there, the poor nurse spent half an hour trying to find the glass IV bottles that the doctor had ordered for Kara, as she reacts to the plastic bags. We could hear her working away on the phone, calling supervisors and more supervisors. Finally the bottles, which Kara's doctor assured her were in and ready last week, were found.

Kara just laughed and repeated what has become a favorite saying amongst she and her friends - "I cause a scene wherever I go."

Anyway, I'm securely attached to the power outlet in the waiting room, with (hopefully) enough Dr. Pepper to keep me awake until the surgery is done. I've been very good about getting enough sleep this summer, and it has really helped. I'm a little surprised at just how tough it's been to stay awake this morning.

Just more evidence that once school starts I need to guard my sleep time very aggressively.

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