Saturday, June 16, 2007

There Are Better Uses for a Friday

Caution: Severe whining to follow.

So I went to Dallas Thursday night and stayed with Kara so I could help her out. The pain in her arm was pretty bad, and she was not feeling well.

Friday morning, the pain was better, and the swelling had gone down quite a bit. She got an appointment at the hospital to see the doctor who did her PICC line, and he agreed that it needed to be replaced. We discussed all of the options, and decided to have a different kind put in. He was pretty sure they had one in stock.

The doctor said to come back at 4:00 and he would work us in. His exact words were "bring a book." This meant that I would miss Anna's little play from her acting camp at the local high school. Anna assured me before I left on Thursday that this was no big deal for her, but it was for me.

So Kara went and did her testing at the clinic, and I went back to the little picnic table outside and continued doing my job. Now, one problem with Kara being in the clinic is that she has to turn her cell phone off. This meant that she didn't get the call from the hospital saying that they didn't actually have the other PICC line on hand.

Due to the fact that the clinic is upside down an backwards, we didn't get the message that the hospital left with them, either.

To compound matters, we realized that Kara didn't have a StatLock in the medical supply delivery she got yesterday. This is important, because the PICC line clips to the StatLock, and the StatLock sticks to the arm. Without this, the doctor sutures the PICC line in place. This would not be good.

So in my ignorance, I dropped Kara at the hospital and made a mad dash through Dallas Friday afternoon rush hour traffic, just to get a piece of medical equipment that we didn't even need. This made me unhappy. I was not necessarily mad at anyone in particular (except for maybe the dingleberries at the clinic who about as reliable as a first-generation Hyundai), I was just extremely frustrated with the situation.

About the only consolation that I have is that we are told video from the play will be posted on-line. I will put up a link when that actually happens.

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