Saturday, June 30, 2007

Playing the Tag Game

I'm following the instructions on Nicole's site for this whole tag thing. I'm sure I'm doing it all wrong, but that's never stopped me before.

My roommate and I once: I worked with a guy who always referred to Kara as my roommate after we were married and living in TVA. I guess this is technically correct. We once went away for the weekend, but left the alarm clock set for 6:00. It was a really loud buzzer that went for over an hour.The neighbors finally found the circuit breaker and cut power to our apartment.

Never in my life have I:
Been arrested.

High school was : So long ago. How did it get to be 20 years? 21 years?!?

When I’m nervous : I get quiet.

My Hair: Is cut with clippers using the #2 guard every couple of weeks. The shorter my hair is, the less obvious my ever-growing bald spot is.

When I was 5 : I had a shirt with a number 5 on it. My sisters had shirts with a 4 and a 3 on them.

When I turn my head left : I see much less unfinished work than if I turn my head right.

I should be : Out folding the rest of the laundry. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

By this time next year : Kara and I will be going out to eat in fancy restaurants and spending the night in fancy hotels. (Hey, this is my delusion, remember?)

My favorite aunt is : What kind of trouble are you trying to get me into here!

I have a hard time understanding : Much of anything these days.

You know I like you if : I ever gave you apple butter.

My ideal breakfast is : Made by someone else. ANYONE else!

If you visit my home town : Beware the giant cockroaches!

If you spend the night at my house : You'll probably need to sleep outside. There hasn't been anyone come to visit that didn't have to visit outside due to scents on their clothes and person.

My favorite blonde is : Anna

My favorite brunette is : Alyssa

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : Me and mine. The pilot delusion is still very strong. Someday.....

I shouldn’t have been : So self conscious all of my life.

Last night I: Was awakened by a very loud thunderclap. I'm glad the girls didn't wake up.

A better name for me would be : Impossible to imagine.

I’ve been told I look like : Tom Cruise. Don't laugh! I never said I believed it, but that's what I was told. Both Tom and I looked much different 20 years ago.

If I could have any car, it would be : A Thing. Unique, unusual, and topless!


Nicole said...

Well done! And I remember you having some apple butter at the class reunion last year but I didn't get any. Hmmm.

Don said...
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