Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cookie Crew

I went to the public forum for the Environmental Health symposium yesterday. The first two speakers were really helpful and informative. I wasn't particularly interested in the second two topics, so I did some grocery shopping and indulged the ultimate delusion. The last speaker was a bit of an alarmist (we'll all be dead by 2050, you know), but in all I'm glad I went.

Last night after I got home, we made sugar cookies. We don't try to cut them out into shapes right now. We just roll them into balls, flatten them out, and make pictures and designs with whatever we can find in the kitchen.

We have some fruit juice based food colors that we use. Some are a little better than the others. (Can you pick out which color is supposed to be blue?) Plus, the black currant juice concentrate adds a nice, tart kick to the cookies.

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