Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Do You Want to Play a Game?

Anna loves to play games. She has quite a few of them, but unfortunately she doesn't get to play much now that her cousins are a thousand miles away. The games she likes best are just too advanced for her sister, and when Kara and I have time to play with the kids we can't very well exclude Alyssa. So the games sit in their boxes.

At the beginning of summer, I suggested to Anna that she might want to invite some friends over for a game party while Alyssa was at her weekly speech therapy sessions. She liked the idea, and began calling her friends.

The first was scheduled for yesterday, and I was determined that she have it - even though Kara was in the hospital, Alyssa's therapy was postponed until Thursday, only one person had left a message saying they would come, and we couldn't figure out who that person was.

It was a boy, and Anna hadn't invited any boys. He left his name, but we couldn't make it out.

Anna's Mystery Man, as we referred to him, called again Tuesday morning asking for directions. This was the first time they actually talked talked on the phone, as Anna issued most of her invitations by leaving voice mail. It turns out that one of Anna's friends has a crush on this boy, and she had given Anna his number instead of hers at the end of the school year. Anna believes this was accidental, so I will believe it, too.

They played several games, ate a lot of good snacks, and in all
had a fun time.

Hopefully Anna can get a little better turn out next time.

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