Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Attack of the Vampire Flies

They're baaaaaaaack.

Warm weather and constant rains have brought back the mosquito - the unofficial state bird of Texas (as well as most of the other 49 states - so says Google).

I've lived with mosquitos nearly all of my life. They were the unofficial state bird of Nebraska, as well as the unofficial state bird of Hawaii. I got bit, I itched, and I dealt with it.

Yesterday, however, I finally retreated. It was the first morning in quite a while where the lawn was dry enough to try and mow. I did about 10 passes, got about a dozen mosquito bites, and killed probably 30 of the little buggers.

I gave up and came inside. I went out in the early afternoon, when it was too hot for mosquitos, and finished the job.

These bites have gotten pretty big - about the size of a pencil eraser. This is a nasty variety we have out at the moment.

Anna got a half-dozen bites waiting for the bus. I think she's allergic to the mosquito bits. The poor kid has welts the size of quarters - or bigger! Today she chose to watch for the bus from the house, then make a mad dash. I don't blame her.

Unfortunately, in a household where scented laundry products are banned and personal care products must undergo a simple yet stringent compatibility test, finding an acceptable and effective insect repellent has not been easy.

But it's obvious that the search must go on.

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