Thursday, June 28, 2007

More of the same

I made it to 7 hours and 15 minutes working yesterday. No chance of a repeat today.

Anna had another game day party. Five kids showed up, and they had a great time. Alyssa was at school, so that helped, I'm sure.

Kara is still trying to get over the hump with her foods. She's eating, but having some trouble. Not like before she went on TPN, but we need to get the issues resolved before the weekend. I'm going with her to Dallas in just a bit, and I'm planning to spend the night.

The girls are spending the afternoon with one of Kara's visiting teachers, who had a son at Anna's party this morning. I let the girls know that they would be going with her, and that I had packed them an overnight bag. A minute later, Alyssa shows up with their toothbrushes and hands them to me. Sometimes I think she's the smartest one in the house.

They'll be sleeping at one of Alyssa's friend's house. They have two cats and a dog, so the girls should do just fine.

This is really hard for me. One of the reasons I went to the trouble and expense of moving is that I hate farming my kids out all of the time.

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