Saturday, June 2, 2007

An Unexpected Vacation

We ended up taking a little unscheduled overnight vacation this weekend. We did not get to fly anywhere, unfortunately. I did see a Piaggio Avanti fly overhead, though, and since they are pretty cool I thought I'd include a picture.

With this week starting on Memorial Day, Kara's schedule at the clinic in Dallas got pushed off by a day. Her plan was to spend the night in Dallas Friday, get a half-day in at the clinic today and then come home.

The house where she is staying is better than most, but not as good as this one (if I do say so myself), so she needs to take one of the big air filters with her. Due to an unfortunate miscommunication on Friday, the filter didn't make the trip.

We discussed our options, and decided that the girls and I would bring the filter to her, and spend the night. It was just like a little vacation. Not the best vacation, but the kind that sometimes happens at the last minute.

There was only one bed and a couch, just like at a cheap motor in. Anna ended up sleeping in the bed with Kara, I was on the couch (Kara assured me that the bed and my back would not ever become friends) and Alyssa was on the floor. Which meant Alyssa was on the couch with me on three separate occasions throughout the night. I was very hot, and Alyssa didn't help that at all.

The people upstairs were talking in regular voices, and walking with regular steps, but this was enough to keep me awake. I didn't have any ear plugs in my computer bag, so I stuffed Kleenex into my ears.

This morning I took the girls to eat at the deli in Whole Foods, which is a couple of blocks away. Alyssa wanted one of everything in the hot case. Anna wanted none of anything. I got Alyssa and I some food, then we walked across the street to the Chichen Itza Bakery, where we got her some Mexican bakery things. (It was during this part of the adventure that we saw the Avanti, just in case you were wondering.)

We sat in a covered patio back at Whole Foods for our breakfast. It was nice in that I didn't feel in any hurry to finish eating or go anywhere or do anything, and it was at this point I started thinking of our little trip as a mini-vacation. And just like on a real vacation, neither of the girls ate much of the breakfast that I worked so hard to get for them. For fun we played at a park, and then we split up to get lunch on the way home.

When we got home, all of the work that I was supposed to have done today was undone. I decided to leave it undone. If the world wasn't going to stop spinning, I was going to spend the rest of the day recovering.

Just like after a real vacation.

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