Sunday, May 17, 2009

California Dreamin'

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the San Diego area for work. I spent my evenings down by the beach. I really miss the ocean.

A plan was hatched that first night, watching the sun dip towards the waves: I could bring the girls to the beach as part of our summer vacation.

Now, San Diego is not quite on the way from Dallas to Salt Lake City, but it's actually not all that far out of the way. We would only be adding another 10 hours of driving. The hardest part is the cost of the additional hotel nights, but it looks like we may be selling the poplar sauna, so that may not be such a big issue after all.

The schedule, however, is not working out quite the way I wanted. See, the little ice storm we had a while back knocked the kids out of school for a day, and they will now be using a make-up day. Because of what that does to our departure date, the day we would be able to spend in San Diego is a Sunday, and that presents some problems.

We've been working very hard at our house to try and keep the sabbath holy. We're not as perfect as many, but we're making the effort. So the thought of playing at the beach on Sunday doesn't sit well with me. (Ironically, I don't have a problem with driving all day on Sunday - still trying to figure out why that is.)

Anyway, I'm messing with my various options. I could have the girls miss the last day of school, and then we'd be at the beach on Saturday instead. Or we could leave on schedule and stay yet another day by the beach, giving us a Monday to play with. But that would delay our arrival in Utah by three days.

Those faithful readers who live by the sea: What kind of sabbath-appropriate activities do you plan at the beach?

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