Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Tin Grin - Still Some Issues to Resolve

Alyssa got her braces today. Here's the before (complete with eye-patch, but that's another story):

and the after:

She did pretty well during the installation/application. Not perfect, but she managed.

Unfortunately here at home things aren't going quite so well. One of the wires has poked into her cheek, and it's been a real challenge getting wax on it to keep it from poking her again.

Also, one of the front brackets came off already. That means another trip to the orthodontist tomorrow. 20 minutes away. Nuts.

And dinner was a non-event. We had a very soft quiche-type breakfast casserole, but didn't get more than a few bites down her. Even water was a tough sell. I don't think she's really in that much pain, but more along the lines of discomfort.

Hang in there, Alyssa. You can do it!

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Pink Ink said...

Don- I love your new layout!! (Surprise)

Poor girlie. My oldest has had braces for the last year, but nowhere near the problems your daughter is having. I hope the experience smoothens out for her!!