Saturday, May 2, 2009

Heading Home for a Few Days

The time remaining on this trip is now measured in hours. The time before I travel again is only measured in days. I'm not particularly excited about flying off on another trip less then three days after getting home, especially with Kara still sick with whatever virus is hanging out at our house, but a man's gotta do... well, you know.

I got my suitcase packed up this morning. I wasn't entirely sure that would happen. It was a pretty tight fit, and I still had a bunch of stuff to squeeze in. Then I noticed that the expand-o-matic zipper was in the closed position. Once I zipped it open, I had plenty of room.

The other reason everything fit is that I am leaving behind all but four of the 12 books I either brought, bought, won, or was given over the weekend. I saved Christmas and birthday money for the LDStormakers conference bookstore, where great bargains can be found. I picked up books from most of my writer friends, but failed to have them autographed. Why? I have no good excuse.

But since I knew I wouldn't be able to pack them home this time, and I'll be in town with the van in just over a month, I decided to share the bounty and spread the wealth by lending books to my sisters and nieces. That way they get some good reading material and my writer friends get some extra exposure. As the girls stood by waiting anxiously and I quickly wrote my name in the fronts of all the books, I had a glimpse of what a book signing might be like. That could be a lot of fun. I need to work on my signature, though.

I'll be leaving for the airport in a couple of hours, and should get home a little before bedtime. Then I travel again for work Tuesday evening, and don't get back until next Saturday afternoon. It's a trip to fix a tricky problem on an important printer, and probably should have happened a couple of months ago. But now it's an urgent issue, so I'm on my way.

But first, two and a half days of hugs and kisses and snuggles. Rumor is there may even be a party sometime tonight. I'll let you know.

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