Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice - Such as it is

The ice storm finally hit last night. Most of the ice was left up north, but we got enough to have the schools close today. There's a healthy layer of ice on everything, topped with a fine dusting of sleet.

Readers from traditionally slick states will probably scoff at the meager amounts of frozen precip that cause us to shut down, but we're just not set up to handle this stuff around here.

I thought about calling in to work and telling them I can't get out because of the ice, but since I work from home I don't think they'll buy it.


ali said...

LOL on that last bit there Don. Yeah, probably not ;)

I call Nova Scotia home and went to universiity there. We had ice storms as a regular course and one winter my car was in an accident and completely written off - all by itself!

During the night, the ice and cold did their numbers on the line of trees my car was parked beside. One of those big ol' trees couldn't take it any longer and collapsed smack on the hood of my car, practically cutting it in half!

Just thought I'd share ;)

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