Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hanging Out at DIA

There are storms in Texas tonight. Storms big enough that Frontier canceled my flight home. They booked us all on the next flight, which leaves 3 1/2 hours later than the original. My concerns about not having enough time to get dinner or have my suitcase make the connection appear to be unfounded.

Well, at least I hope the concerns about the suitcase are unfounded. I won't know for sure until the bag is in my hot, tired little hand.

But as for dinner, I did okay. I found a Kung Pao chicken salad, and it was good. Now I'm plugged up to a power outlet at one of Denver's handy little charging station, using their free internet access.

So aside from not getting home until around midnight tonight, this delay is not such a bad thing. And since so many people told me to travel safely, I suppose I have no choice but to wait out the storms.

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